Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Misery

I remember when I used to be inspired,
But now I'm just getting tired,
Because I've finally woken up,
And I don't like what I see.

I'm a lock without a key,
So it's dawned on me that I'm alone,
I'm a queen sitting on a kingless throne,
And the person who said they loved me,
I hardly ever see.

So I guess I should try to cut all ties,
But how can I say goodbye to my one ally,
So I'm lost and I'm scared,
Because this time my heart can't be shared,
This time I'm truly alone.

That moment when you realize you're on your own,
Is worse when you're surrounded by friends,
Who don't realize you're coming to the end,
Because you're falling fast.

You can hear the wind rushing past,
But still on the outside you stood there smiling with glass eyes,
Trying hard to keep acting,
And wondering why you can't cry.

And your heart is aching,
In fact you're pretty sure it's breaking,
And nothing can save you anymore,
Because your heart has finally tore,
And it's there in two, there's nothing I can do.


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